Høstens favoritter hos Sandvika Storsenter

I høst har jeg æren av å være en del av BlogStyle kampanjen til Sandvika Storsenter. I den anledningen har jeg plukket ut mine høstfavoritter fra flere forskjellige butikker på senteret. Sandvika Storsenter i seg selv er et av Nordens største kjøpesentre med over 200 butikker og spisesteder, og av de butikkene huser senteret flere av mine favoritt butikker.
Noe av det beste med Sandvika Storsenter er at det kun ligger et steinkast unna Oslo, med gode muligheter for kollektivtransport, som kun tar 14 minutter fra Oslo S. En annen ting som er verdt å nevne er at man har alle sine favoritt butikker samlet på et og samme sted – noe som gjør shopping opplevelsen lettere.

En av mine favoritt smykkebutikker er Maanesten, og de finner man på Sandvika Storsenter. Maanesten huser noen av de fineste smykkene og hår assesoarene du kan tenke deg, og butikken i seg selv er en interiør perle. Fra Maanesten valgte jeg en hårklype, da jeg ofte bruker det, og elsker designet på hårklypene til Maanesten. Maanesten har også flere ringer og armbånd, med fine små detaljer, som er perfekte til å “stacke” med. Her er det kult å bruke to eller til og med tre ringer samtidig.

Sandvika Storsenter
Foto: T.V av Henrik Lindal

På Storsenteret finner en også 2NDDAY, hvor du absolutt finner noen av de fineste plaggene og assesoarene denne høsten.Her valgte jeg meg en sort skinnveske som rommer alt du trenger til en arbeidsdag, eller til en dag med shopping på  Storsenteret. Jeg valgte også en armløs skjorte med stor krage, da den er kul alene, men også kan brukes under genseren eller cardigan denne høsten (Clemence Think Twice: 1200kr). Jeg var også selvfølgelig innom Ganni, som er et av mine favorittmerker. Her finner man også mange fine plagg til høsten. Her var min favoritt en vid kjole i Leo print (Off-shoulder smock dress: 2799kr). Dette ser ut som en klassisk sommerkjole, men denne kan fint styles med en høyhalset genser under, eller en skjorte med stor krage (som er veldig trendy denne høsten) og høye skinn boots.

Sandvika Storsenter
Foto: T.V Henrik Lindal

Spisesteder er det heller ikke mangel på. For en sunn og lett lunsj er Juicery et godt alternativ, og personlig min favoritt. Her vil jeg anbefale å teste ut Almond bowl og Aquarius juicen om du ikke har gjort dette enda. Supergod og super sunn lunsj! Hvis man har lyst på et litt tyngre måltid er Saporito et godt alternativ. Her er det et godt utvalg av italienske klassikere fra pizza til pasta og antipasti om man ikke er kjempe sulten. Her vil jeg anbefale å teste Porcini e Spinaci.

En annen favoritt jeg var innom på senteret var H&M. H&M på Sandvika Storsenter er en av få som har en egen Trend seksjon, noe som for meg er alfa omega da trend seksjonen er min favoritt avdeling på H&M. Her fant jeg to kjoler som kan brukes på mange forskjellige måter i høst. De kan brukes ene og alene, men de kan også styles med et belte hvis du ønsker en “tettere” fasong på kjolene. Bik Bok var jeg også innom, og der fant jeg kanskje høstens fineste kåpe i imitert skinn (Catlyn PU tailored coat: 799kr)

Sandvika Storsenter
Foto: T.V Henrik Lindal

MARK + BRANDY er en av butikkene på Sandvika Storsenter som selger flere av mine favorittmerker. Her finner du blant annet et godt utvalg av ACNE Studios, Isabel Marant Etoile og Byredo, og hvis du er ute etter kjoler til spesielle anledninger ville jeg anbefalt å ta turen innom Kiman Woman, hvor de blant annet selger klær fra mitt favoritt norske merke, byTiMo.


Pink Autumn

Dress: Stand Studio / Bag: Stand Studio / Shoes: Axel Arigato / Sunglasses: Loewe



I had little to no knowledge of Dyson and the products that they have until I got introduced to the Supersonic hairdryer. From that moment I was sold. I absolutely love everything from Dyson, and their new fan Pure Cool Me is no exception. Most people have probably actually used a product from Dyson without knowing it, and how do I know that? Well, if you have ever used the hand dryer at the airport, then you have actually used a Dyson product.

Pure Cool Me from Dyson is personalized purifying fan, and is engineered to  improve your air-quality. Your home can be five times more polluted than the air outside, and what the purifying fan from Dyson does is to capture the gasses and pollutans, and keep them trapped. These gasses and pollutants are such as pollen and allergens, bacteria, mold spores and ultra-fine particles. This is great if you struggle with allergies during the summertime, such as myself.

What I love most about the fan is that it looks cool, has an innovative style and suits almost all interior. Also worth mentioning I that it does not make a lot of noise, which can be a problem with other fan’s. I also love that it comes with remote control where you can turn the fan off and on, as well as reduce the speed and movement of the fan.



Q: Where are you from?

A: From Nigeria, but I am born and raised in Oslo, Norway!

Q: What are your favorite Scandinavian brands?

A: Where do I start? I definitely have a sweet spot for Rodebjer! I absolutely love that brand. I am also a fan of the Swedish shoe brand Flattered. Stine Goya, Acne Studio, Baum und Pferdgarten and Marimekko are also among my favorite Scandi brands!

Q: How to get a foot in the fashion industry?

A: So I started on Instagram, and do think that is the easiest way. On Instagram I have created my own portofolio where brands and people from the industry can get to know me and my style. Instagram is a great tool because you can tag brands and let them discover you. It’s also great for inspiration as well.

Q: What is your background in terms of school?

A: So I lived in NYC for a semester where I studied Human Rights and Philosophy. After living in NYC I returned to Oslo and got a degree in Marketing. I then worked as an intern for an international company based in Oslo for a year, and then I went on to take a Masters degree in Leadership and Organizational Psychology.

Q: How did you develop your style?

A: Through inspiration I guess. I’ve always been into fashion, and always loved styling outfits. I might say that my style is experimental, and that’s what I love to do and how my style has developed to what it is today. You have to keep pushing boundaries and challenge yourself.

Q: Favorite travel destination?

A: I love the South of France and Provence. I would love to buy a summerhouse there. It’s my ultimate dream, but don’t get my wrong, I am a city girl and therefore New York City will always be number one to me. I also have a sweet spot for Barcelona and Paris. I have actually never been to Asia, but would love to visit Vietnam. I also think Portugal would be a place I would fall in love with.

Q: Is it hard being in the fashion industry?

A: It is of course challenging, like many other jobs, and frustrating at times because you want to do everything, but it’s not possible. It’s also an industry where you’re often compared with others so you have to learn not to care. The best thing is to have a group of friends in the industry that you can vent to and discuss with. Kind of like a support group, because this industry can be tough!

Q: What are your favorite brands?

A: I have a lot of favorite brands. My favorite luxury brands are probably Loewe, Balenciaga and Rowen Rose. Other brand that I love are House of Sunny, Staud Clothing, TiBi and Rixo. I also buy a lot of vintage which I think is fun. I always find the most unique pieces when shopping vintage.


Son Spa

(The jaccuzi at the outside area)

Son Spa is located only 40 minutes from Oslo, and I had the pleasure of visiting the spa earlier this year. At the spa resort you will find everything you need such as jaccuzi’s, swimming pool, sauna, gym, turkish bath and more. At Son Spa you will not only get great options in terms of spa treatments, but you’ll also get a great view.

The room was huge with an amazing view, and the bed was probably the best hotel bed I’ve ever slept in.

I was totally mesmerized by Son City. I do travel a lot, but seldom to another city or county in Norway. Son reminded me a lot of Kragerø, which is also a an amazing place.


The Farfetch Suite

(Fendi dress and headband via Farfetch)

During Paris Fashion Week I was lucky enough to be invited by Farfetch to their loaning suite. As most of you know, Farfetch is a global luxury digital marketplace, with over 3000 different brands.

At the loaning suite Farfetch had stocked up with clothes, accessories and shoes from several of my favorite brands such as Bottega Veneta, Fendi, Ganni, Burberry and Cecilie Bahnsen. The loaning suite was a sustainable approach, which is a great move in the fashion industry!

(Dress from TiBi, headband from Fendi and bag from J.W. Anderson via Farfetch)
(Cape from Silvia Tcherassi and bag from Bottega Veneta via Farfetch)

What I thought was even better is that I got to discover new brands, such as Ali Ghieri, which is an British accessory brand, with the most beautiful pieces.



I’ve been using the PEN E-PL10 for almost a month now, and I love how I continually discover new things about the camera and how easy it is to use. I usually only use my iPhone for creating content, because it has been the easiest way to create, but because of the smart technology that allows you to transfer directly to the smart phone, I’ve been using the camera a lot more! This is the perfect camera for anyone who loves to take photos, newbeginners and pro’s


Earlier I’ve mentioned some of my favorite things about the camera (the smart technology and the quality), but I forgot to mention the screen, which is a flip-down screen. This is perfect for selfies and vlogging. I haven’t done a lot of vlogging before, but I might as well try it now that I have the perfect tool!

If you order the camera you still have the opportunity to receive a 25mm 1.8 lense for free! You can order the camera here.



Olympus E-PL10

Olympus launched a new camera in their PEN series – E-PL10, and last week I was lucky enough to be a part of the launch in Copenhagen. I’ve had the camera for a week now, and I’ve loved testing it and learning how to use it. Content creating is a huge part of my job, and tools such as a camera are quite necessary. But I can’t just use any camera – the camera has to be easy to use, and light to carry and nice to look at, and the E-PL10 checks all of those boxes. What I love most about my new E-PL10 is the quality of the photos, as well as the smart technology that allows you to transfer the photos directly from the camera to your smartphone which makes everything easier.

Olympus E-PL10

And remember the early bird offer! When ordering the new camera from Olympus, you will get a 25mm 1.8 lense for free! You can order the camera HERE.