Before I entered the world of fashion I could never imagine buying second hand, but now it is one of my favorite things to do. I love finding unique pieces that no one else has, and I notice that I value my vintage clothes and accessories a lot more than other stuff I own. There aren’t that many vintage shops in Oslo, unfortunately, but I do have a couple of favorites; Velouria Vintage, UFF Vintage, and Fretex. My best tips to you when buying vintage is to take your time. Do not rush it! I could probably spend hours in a vintage boutique because it really does take time to find the unique pieces that you want.

Vintage Coat from Fretex. Similar Coat: HERE / Vintage Flower Top from Fretex. Similar Top: HERE / Similar Headband: HERE / Vintage Bag from UFF Vintage / Vintage Pants from UFF Vintage. Similar Pants: HERE

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