I’ve been using the PEN E-PL10 for almost a month now, and I love how I continually discover new things about the camera and how easy it is to use. I usually only use my iPhone for creating content, because it has been the easiest way to create, but because of the smart technology that allows you to transfer directly to the smart phone, I’ve been using the camera a lot more! This is the perfect camera for anyone who loves to take photos, newbeginners and pro’s


Earlier I’ve mentioned some of my favorite things about the camera (the smart technology and the quality), but I forgot to mention the screen, which is a flip-down screen. This is perfect for selfies and vlogging. I haven’t done a lot of vlogging before, but I might as well try it now that I have the perfect tool!

If you order the camera you still have the opportunity to receive a 25mm 1.8 lense for free! You can order the camera here.

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