Q: Where are you from?

A: From Nigeria, but I am born and raised in Oslo, Norway!

Q: What are your favorite Scandinavian brands?

A: Where do I start? I definitely have a sweet spot for Rodebjer! I absolutely love that brand. I am also a fan of the Swedish shoe brand Flattered. Stine Goya, Acne Studio, Baum und Pferdgarten and Marimekko are also among my favorite Scandi brands!

Q: How to get a foot in the fashion industry?

A: So I started on Instagram, and do think that is the easiest way. On Instagram I have created my own portofolio where brands and people from the industry can get to know me and my style. Instagram is a great tool because you can tag brands and let them discover you. It’s also great for inspiration as well.

Q: What is your background in terms of school?

A: So I lived in NYC for a semester where I studied Human Rights and Philosophy. After living in NYC I returned to Oslo and got a degree in Marketing. I then worked as an intern for an international company based in Oslo for a year, and then I went on to take a Masters degree in Leadership and Organizational Psychology.

Q: How did you develop your style?

A: Through inspiration I guess. I’ve always been into fashion, and always loved styling outfits. I might say that my style is experimental, and that’s what I love to do and how my style has developed to what it is today. You have to keep pushing boundaries and challenge yourself.

Q: Favorite travel destination?

A: I love the South of France and Provence. I would love to buy a summerhouse there. It’s my ultimate dream, but don’t get my wrong, I am a city girl and therefore New York City will always be number one to me. I also have a sweet spot for Barcelona and Paris. I have actually never been to Asia, but would love to visit Vietnam. I also think Portugal would be a place I would fall in love with.

Q: Is it hard being in the fashion industry?

A: It is of course challenging, like many other jobs, and frustrating at times because you want to do everything, but it’s not possible. It’s also an industry where you’re often compared with others so you have to learn not to care. The best thing is to have a group of friends in the industry that you can vent to and discuss with. Kind of like a support group, because this industry can be tough!

Q: What are your favorite brands?

A: I have a lot of favorite brands. My favorite luxury brands are probably Loewe, Balenciaga and Rowen Rose. Other brand that I love are House of Sunny, Staud Clothing, TiBi and Rixo. I also buy a lot of vintage which I think is fun. I always find the most unique pieces when shopping vintage.

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