Headband from eBay. Similar Headband: HERE / Dress from Rodebjer / Shoes from Balenciaga: HERE / Blazer from Gina Tricot. Similar blazer: HERE / Bag from Cala Jade

A Taste of Autumn


There are many restaurants in Cannes, and it’s actually quite hard separating the great ones from the OK ones just by looking at them. In Cannes, I ate several disappointing meals, but there are some places that I would love coming back to, and actually one restaurant I came back to several times.

Bobo Bistro is located in the city center of Cannes, and you just notice how popular it is when you arrive. I would recommend to try to pre-book or go as soon as the restaurant opens in the evening (around 19:00, if I’m not mistaken). They specialize in pizza but have a lot of other great dishes on the menu, and almost everything contains truffles. This is really a place that I would come back to every time I’m in Cannes.

Bobo Bistro


I actually found it quite hard to find a decent breakfast spot in Cannes, besides the hotels. The breakfast at Hotel Martinez is quite expensive but worth it, as it is a breakfast buffet where you can get anything you desire.

Hotel Martinez

Le Suquet is the Old Town in Cannes, and here you will find several restaurants where you can eat authentic French food. The prices are also great, which is not a bad thing! In Le Suquet I would really recommend stopping by Gavroche. This restaurant is very popular and always packed. Be sure to be there early if you want a table.

Le Suquet



My days in Cannes are unfortunately coming to an end. It was great coming back to the South of France for a mini holiday. It made me realize how much I actually needed a vacation. There’s something charming about the French Riviera and Provence that I’ll never get tired of. I didn’t get to travel around Provence as much as I hoped for either, so I definitely have to come back very soon. The positive thing about not getting to travel around Provence is that I got to explore every bit of Cannes. I do feel that I know every corner of that town, which is great.

Hat from Prada: HERE / Yellow dress from Samsøe & Samsøe / Bag from Cala Jade / Shoes from Havaianas: HERE

Yellow in Cannes


Le Suquet is the name of the old town in Cannes. The quarter is filled with cobbled stones,  small cafes, shops where you can buy cool hats and vintage looking clothes and great restaurants. This is probably my favorite area in Cannes. The area is so intimate and feels like the real soul of France. It almost feels like I’m traveling back in time whenever I go to Le Suquet. The buildings are old and colorful and the streets are narrow.

Dress from Rodebjer / Sandals from Scampi / Bag from Marimekko



I’m currently in Cannes, which is one of my favorite places in France. I haven’t been to the Riviera since 2016! It really feels like forever. I am staying at Hotel Martinez, which is an amazing hotel located right next to the beach. The plans in Cannes are quite simple: eat, drink and relax! I will, of course, stop by some other places in Cote d’Azur. I would love to stop by Eze, St. Tropez and Antibes if I find the time.

Shoes from Flattered: HERE / Dress from by TiMo / Bag from Cala Jade



I started my day at the wonderful Boheme suite at Grand Hotel in Oslo, where I attended an event hosted by Mille Notti and Mildh Press. The suite had a gorgeous view overlooking Oslo (which I, of course, forgot to take a picture of). I always dress colorful, but the closer we get to summer, the more I try to incorporate colors and prints to my outfits. Colors that you think may not match, can actually be a cool combination. It’s all about the styling. I love a good clash of colors and prints! I also love to add plenty of accessories to my looks, and I often mix pearls with silver and gold.

Blouse from Fretex. Similar Flower Blouse: HERE / Bag from Marimekko. Similar Bag: HERE / Skirt from Zara/ Shoes from Balenciaga: HERE



Before I entered the world of fashion I could never imagine buying second hand, but now it is one of my favorite things to do. I love finding unique pieces that no one else has, and I notice that I value my vintage clothes and accessories a lot more than other stuff I own. There aren’t that many vintage shops in Oslo, unfortunately, but I do have a couple of favorites; Velouria Vintage, UFF Vintage, and Fretex. My best tips to you when buying vintage is to take your time. Do not rush it! I could probably spend hours in a vintage boutique because it really does take time to find the unique pieces that you want.

Vintage Coat from Fretex. Similar Coat: HERE / Vintage Flower Top from Fretex. Similar Top: HERE / Similar Headband: HERE / Vintage Bag from UFF Vintage / Vintage Pants from UFF Vintage. Similar Pants: HERE



The padded headband is definitely a trend that I’m loving! It reminds me of Gossip Girl (which is one of my favorite tv-series), and of course Blair Waldorf. I’ve actually bought one in every color you can imagine and planning to use them throughout the summer. The ‘tourist sandals’ are also on my dress code list this summer. They are easy to style, and also very comfy to wear.

Dress: Stand Studio Official / Shoes: HERE / Similar Headband: HERE / Bag: Marimekko